full sew-in weave african hair braiding raleigh ncWeaves are a great way to inexpensively enhance the natural beauty of your real hair while also giving your natural hair a break. With a weave, synthetic or real human hair is added to the wearer’s natural hair.

Weaves are used when someone’s hair is braided. When the braiding is complete, the synthetic or human hair is sewn into the braids using a needle. The weave is done from one side of the head to the other.

When properly done, a weave can last for for up to 2 months. Sewn in weaves are generally regarded as the best type of weave because other kinds of weaves can cause traction alopecia or splotchy balding around the scalp.

Women enjoy weaves because they result in much longer hair in addition to hair that is thicker and fuller with more body and volume. No glues or chemicals are used when getting a weave.

Additionally, weaves present an excellent opportunity to try new hair colors without the need to dye their natural hair. All of these benefits give your natural, real hair a break from treatments. As with other braids, it is important that the braids aren’t done too tight otherwise you may experience a headache, soreness in the scalp or later see damage to the hair.

The disadvantage of a weave is if the braids are too tight, they may cause a headache, soreness of the scalp. This holds true for all braids.

Which type of weave do you want? You will have to answer a few questions first. How long do you want your weave to last? How long do you want your weave? How much volume are you looking to achieve? Talk to us at La Reine African Hair Braiding about the best weave for you.

Caring for your weave

  • On a daily basis use a quality, natural light oil (such as olive or jojoba) on your weave and scalp.
  • On a weekly basis, clean your weave to keep it looking fresh.
  • Finally, visit your braider on a monthly basis to groom and refresh your weave.
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