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Box braids for men have an unmistakeable cool factor that makes them stand out from other styles. They are instantly recognizable and attractive. However, box braids can also be paired with a fade or undercut. Box braids are great for guys looking to change up their look from the usual Afros and cornrows.

1. Small Box Braids

Box braids that are smaller than others are great for fine hair. Small box braids have been worn by celebrities like Travis Scott. They are versatile and can be easily paired with a fade to give it a new look. They are perfect for men who prefer a medium-length look. Small box braids only require hair three to four inches long.

2. Big Box Braids

Big box braids also known as jumbo boxes, are a distinctive look that suits men with strong style senses. Big box braids tend to be thicker and wider than other types of braids. They are perfect for men who have spent a lot of time growing their hair. These braids can be combined with hair braiding to create a more heavy look.

3. Short Box Braids

Short box braids are a great option for men who prefer a neat, yet elegant braided look. Mini braids have a similar look to two-strand twists but are thicker and more rope-like than traditional box braids. Your boxes will be easier to see because there are fewer hairs in each braid. You can’t hide any messy sections. Look for a skilled braider who can create perfectly defined sections with straight lines.

4. Long Box Braids

Long box braids, like any longer hairstyle are great for balancing your facial features and making your face appear longer and slimmer. The hairstyle is both feminine and artistic. You can achieve the long box braid look by choosing knotless braids. This technique places less stress on your scalp. This helps reduce hair loss and damage.

Men’s Twists

When it comes to hairstyles for black men, twists come first on the list. Chic and stylish, twists hairstyles for men are comparatively effortless to style and maintain.

However, what makes twists haircuts prevalent among black guys is that they are ridiculously versatile and can be worn by men with long, medium, and short hair. Besides, men can wear their twists with other classic haircuts such as high top, braids, and fades.

With so many ways of styling twists, the process of selecting one particular twist hairstyle can be a daunting task for most men.

Men’s Locs

At LaReine African Hair Braiding, we do maintenance, retwists and startups for men’s Locs.

What are locs?

Locs refer to a hairstyle where hair is twisted and matted together to form rope-like strands. Although locs were not introduced to American culture until the 1970s they have been around for centuries.

Locs were often called dreadlocks in the past. Many loc wearers today prefer to remove “dread” from their names due to its negative insinuation.

How to Shape a Loc

There are many ways to make locs. Most people use a twisting technique to create locs. This involves twisting and matting the hair to form string-like strands. Others prefer to crochet the strands using a crochet needle. This creates locs. Some people prefer to let their hair grow out naturally, creating freeform locs.

Some suggest that you first trim your hair to 1 to 2 inches if you are thinking of going to the salon to get locs. Your stylist will have a harder time forming your locs if your hair is too long and the process of loc’ing will take longer.

Do you need help deciding whether your locs should be thick or thin? Your stylist can help you decide which style suits your face and lifestyle best.

Locs are versatile and can be styled in any way you want. Cornrowed locs seem to have become more popular among men. Your stylist can braid your locs as long as they are not shorter than one inch.


mens locs 1Locs are easy to maintain and you only need shampoo and a hair dryer. It is ecommended that you use a shampoo designed for locs, and wash your hair at least once per week. Although you may have been washing your hair for years, and you know the basics of how to do it properly, there are specific steps you need to follow when washing your locs.

Start by separating your hair into 3-4 sections. Then, work one section at a given time, applying shampoo from the root to the ends. Massage the shampoo into your hair gently, allowing it to penetrate the roots. Do not wring out the shampoo from your hair when it is time for you to rinse it off. Start at the roots of each section and squeeze to get rid of the water. Continue the process, moving slowly down each section until you reach the ends. After washing your hair and drying it with a towel, dry your hair well using a blow dryer.

Before drying your locs, it is best to use a heat protector.

It may be a good idea to avoid conditioning locs as conditioners can cause hair to become tangled. Many loc-wearers can condition their hair without any problems. Follow the advice of your stylists to determine what is best for you.

Your at-home care routine is relatively simple, but you should be prepared to visit your salon on a regular basis if your locs need to be maintained. It is recommended that you visit the salon at least once per month to have your locs trimmed.

Men’s Cornrows

Cornrows are a very popular style for black men. Cornrow braids can be styled in many ways to create a fashionable look for men, including short, long, and big. Most cornrow hairstyles include a taper, undercut, or cut to emphasize the braided top. However, some men prefer to have their hair rearranged or straightened.

Cornrows are a type or braid that looks like box braids and dreadlocks. This underhand technique, which is often associated with black men, but is easily accessible to everyone, is typically shorter and more sleeker. It is therefore easier on the eyes. You can choose between simple, clean braids or intricate, cool styles.

Cornrow braids

Cornrow braids use both large and small plaits to give them a rustic look with lots of texture. The edgy design of cornrow braids is modern and stylish. There are plaits that run in every direction and line. These cornrows are popular with guys because they can be combined with a variety of styles and trends. An example of this is the line-up fade, which only enhances the boldness and standout nature.

Cornrow Fade

A cornrow fade can give you more volume. A cornrow fade can be paired with cornrows for versatility. There are many taper fade styles you can try. The most popular ones to pair cornrows with are the high bald fade and the mid-skin fade. You can add a new dimension to your hair by using a burst or drop fade. Mixing up your fade and braids is key to ensuring that the style does not get tired.

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