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Pixie Braids Raleigh NCPixie braids are a popular type of braiding style in Raleigh, NC, especially for women who want to grow out their natural hair. Pixie braids are characterized by numerous tiny braids encompassing all or most of the head. Pixie braids have several threads of braiding hair that are around 1/4″ in width, or about the width of a pencil.

Pixie Braids are also versatile in terms of length and can range anywhere from 7 to 25 inches. So, it is not uncommon to see Pixie Braids that are short and others that are long. One unique aspect of Pixie Braids is that the ends are singed so that the ends to not unravel. While singing the hair technically damages the hair, it is not problematic since the singing only occurs at the very end of the hair.

A nice aspect of Pixie Braids is that the braids don’t harm the natural hair, which is why Pixie Braids are a popular choice for women trying to grow out their natural, real hair. When done correctly, Pixie Braids can last anywhere from one to three months. It is not advisable to keep Pixie Braids beyond three months.

Pixie Braids are also popular because they can be done quickly and also inexpensively. Not everyone wants to spend several hours in the hair salon to have their hair styled and for these people the Pixie Braids can be a popular choice. At a minimum, all that is needed for quick and easy Pixie Braids is the dollar packs of hair. Of course, other options are available, such as yarn hair or kanekalon. Yarn hair is desired for those who prefer a silky feel and appearance.

home 10A downside to yarn hair is that knots can form after a month or two, but the upside is that yarn hair does not tangle as much as other types of braiding hair. A premium type of braiding hair for Pixie Braids if synthetic hair, such as kanekalon. However, if you choose to use synthetic hair, make sure in advance that you are not allergic to this kind of hair.

Benefits of Pixie Braids

Pixie Braids offer extraordinary flexibility since they require little care and maintenance. You can even go for a swim with Pixie Braids worry-free. No matter your hair texture, as long as your hair is healthy and strong, you can have Pixie Braids. Pixie braids tend to be a popular choice among African hair braiding options during the summer months since they give the wearer’s hair a break for a couple months.

They single braids that may vary in length and size, but what makes them different from other braids is, the way they are finished, with a bend at the ends. These braids don’t just hang down straight, they are burnt at the ends and bent slightly to give them a shape towards the face.

As with other hair braiding styles, do not go longer than 3 months with Pixie Braids because going longer than that can eventually cause damage to the hair, especially at the hairline. Using a deep conditioner after wearing braids is highly recommended, particularly after wearing braids.

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