Fluffy Twist

Fluffy Twist Raleigh NCThe Fluffy Twist is popular in Raleigh, NC because it looks fashionably natural and real. With the recent natural movement, the Fluffy Twist is a perfect hairstyle. People tend to like the Fluffy Twist more and more the longer they wear it.

Depending on how it is styled, the ends can even curl on their own much the same way real hair would curl as it gets longer. When using quality hair, it can even be difficult to know where your real hair ends and where the extensions begin.

When properly done and maintained, detangling won’t be needed with the Fluffy Twist.

Daily styling of the Fluffy Twist is one of the better parts of this particular hairstyle. For the most part, the Fluffy Twist is a get-up-and-go hairstyle. That’s right. Wake up in the morning, don’t do a thing and it looks great as you go out the door.

Good quality Fluffy Twist hair can be perfect for a big and bouncy look.

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