Nubian Twist

Nubian Twist Raleigh NCNubian Twist braids are a very popular hairstyle In Raleigh. The hair in Nubian Twist braids is wound tightly to have the appearance and flexibility of a spring. One reason it is a popular choice is that it is soft to the touch and light, enhancing it’s natural look. This makes it one of the more comfortable braiding hairstyles. These characteristics set it apart from other African hairstyles, such as the Kinky Twist and the Senegalese Twist, which can be hard to the touch and appear dry.

Common Characteristics of Nubian Twist:

  • soft
  • light
  • short
  • natural appearance
  • comfortable
  • easy to maintain
  • good for short or medium hair

For a natural look, that is soft and light to the touch, the Nubian Twist hairstyle is for you. The Nubian Twist hairstyle will add ease and comfort and to your life, making your life more enjoyable and carefree.  The Nubian Twist braid is popular among women during the winter months, when the air tends to be dry and cold.  Nubian Twist braiding style adds life to the dull, dreary days of winter, allowing for more relaxing days with less maintenance.
Nubian Twist Raleigh NC

Short and Medium Hair

Nubian Twist is a perfect hairstyle for women with short or medium hair.  Some women prefer volume and length, which can be attained with this kind of hairstyle.  The end result is hair that looks long, healthy and vibrant.

Get and forget it.

Nubian Twist hairstyles are popular among women because they do not require a great deal of maintenance.  Simply get up in the morning and go.  If you’re ready for a night out on the town, a get-together with friends, or special occasion, the Nubian Twist is always ready when you are.  It looks great, natural and free.  For a great look with less maintenance, the Nubian Twist is the braiding style for you.

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