Senegalese Twist

senegalese twist La Reine African Hair BraidingIf you need a Senegalese Twist in Raleigh, La Reine African Hair Braiding is the best place to go. Senegalese Twists are a very popular hairstyle among women. It originated, as the name implies, in the West African nation of Senegal. Similar to other braids, the Senegalese Twist can last for many months and will make you stand apart from the rest.

The Senegalese Twist in Raleigh has a way of turning heads and people will ask you where you got your hair done. Senegalese Twists are one of the more versatile hairstyling options available that will let you try out gorgeous hairstyles on a daily basis.

It tends to take 5-6 hours for a stylist to complete a Senegalese Twist braiding. One advantage of this particular hairstyle is that it will not unravel even if the wearer has loose ends. The Senegalese Twist is a beautiful and distinctive style to wear year round but tends to be seen more often in the summer months.

The Senegalese Twist is also known as a rope twist and is a protective style for Afro-textured hair. Protective style braids help promote healthy hair growth while protecting your own hair from damage that commonly occurs as a result from exposure to the environment, over manipulation, over-drying from heat styling and even daily styling habits. This protective hairstyle is a good choice for women who want to take a break from styling solutions that include heat and chemical ingredients.

senegalese twist raleigh ncOne great advantage of the Senegalese Twist is that it is one of the more versatile braiding styles available. It can be worn up, down, twisted, coiled, curled or wrapped. Furthermore, if it is done properly and is taken care-of, it can last two to three months.

Additionally, it can be easy to take out when the time comes. Senegalese Twists can be kept for up to three months but should not be kept longer than that since the natural hair can soon become matted or develop into dreadlocks.

Senegalese twists are made using kanekalon hair, which is typically used for braiding. The length and color selection of Senegalese Twists is also wide and varied, offering the wearer a wide variety of styling options from 8 – 84 inches long.

When it comes right down to it, virtually any color can be chosen, from subtle to daring to natural-looking. The widths of the twist can also be varied, from small to medium but larger and thicker styles can be selected.

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