Spring Twist

Spring Twists 1 Lareine Hair Braiding For people with natural hair, spring twists can be a lightweight and protective alternative hairstyle. Spring Twists are actually very similar to Senegalese twists. However, hair extensions are used to achieve the look.

This style is light enough that your hair will literally “spring up” when you gently tug on it and this is actually where this hairstyle gets its name. You’ll need to spend at least eight hours installing these twists. However, the benefits of a new, low-maintenance style are always worth it.

Spring Twists 3 Lareine Hair BraidingWhy Spring Twists are Popular

Lightweight: Spring twists are not very heavy and are even somewhat lightweight, which makes them great for people who don’t want to pull their hair back or have their hair too heavy.

Natural hairstyles: The spring twist mimics natural hairstyles.

Low maintenance: Although the twists can take some time to set up, once they are installed, they are very easy to maintain.

Durable: The twists can last as long as six weeks depending on how often your hair is washed and touched.

It’s easy to style spring twists: There are many ways to style them. They can be worn in a bun, half-down, or half-up

You can wear spring twists in any length you like. Because they are so light, you can wear them longer without worrying about it feeling too heavy. A spring hair pack typically contains three bundles, but most people only require one and a quarter bundles to complete the full installation. Split the coils in the pack to achieve medium-sized twists. If you prefer a smaller twist, split them into two or three or four.

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