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Box Braids Raleigh NCBox Braids are a popular choice among women in Raleigh because they provide a way for the wearer to extend their natural, real hair while wearing an African hair braiding style that not only looks fantastic but is also somewhat easy to do.

For some, the inexpensive but looks great option is the way to go.

Like pixie braids, Box Braids help protect your natural, real hair while also providing the benefit of a low maintenance requirement. Also like pixie braids, Box Braids are not suited for people with weak or brittle hair.

Regardless of your hair texture, Box Braids are great if your natural, real hair is healthy and strong.

Another fantastic feature of box braids is that they can be styled any number of ways. Here are a small number of them:

  • Bun. Box Braids Raleigh NCStyling Box Braids in a bun is one of the more popular ways to wear the Box Braid African hair style. It looks exquisite, is easy to do and still looks chic. Even in a bun, there are a variety of options you have to look different every day of the week. Some wear their bun high and others wear it low. It can also be worn tight or loose, compact or bulky. You can even change things up with a few elements of braiding or just keep it simple. The choice is yours!
  • Twist. You can add a twist into your Box Braid as an added way to make your Box Style distinctive. Another option is to twist your ponytail or front-section hair off of your forehead.
  • Ponytail. Even a ponytail comes with various options. You can wear your Box Braids in a ponytail that is high or worn low. It can be wrapped in a distinctive scarf to really look chic, or add a colorful pin or clip.
  • Braid. Braid your Box Braids asymmetrically and then wrapping on either side of your forehead.
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