Micro Braids

Micro Braids Raleigh NCMicro Braids in Raleigh are one of those braids that look exquisite and stylish. No matter where you go or what you are wearing, the Micro Braid hairstyle has a way of turning people’s heads. With a Micro Braid, peopel will complement you on your hair and will likely ask you where you got it done. The Micro Braid is easily one of the trendier African Hair Braiding styles out there.

The Micro Braid hairstyle is popular during the Spring months, as it tends to be synonymous with freedom and adventure, which is a welcome feeling after a long, cold and dreary winter. Nevertheless, the Micro Braid hairstyle is also seen often during the summer months and even the Fall and Winter months for the free-spirited and adventurous types. Just expect to get a lot of attention when wearing the Micro Braid hairstyle.

The Micro Braid hairstyle simple seems to have an element of uniqueness to it, which is appealing to many people. They have been quite popular in recent years and you’ll see them wherever you go. The funny thing is that even though they are very popular, they still look great on anyone who wears one.

As the name implies, the Micro Braid is very small and even somewhat delicate. Because the braids are as small as they are, this kind of braid takes more time to complete than other African hair braids. This one certainly takes longer than the pixie braids or box braids. If you are looking for an quick and easy braiding session, do not pick the Micro Braid. Bring some reading material or listen to music on your mobile device because the Micro Braid is not a quick in-and-out braiding style. At La Reine African Hair Braiding, we provide free WiFi so that you can use your mobile device, such as your iPad, iPhone or other smartphone to your heart’s content. We also provide free refreshments and cable TV on 2 TV’s so that you can relax and enjoy getting your Micro Braid hairstyle.

As with other African hair braiding styles, do not wear a Micro Braid for more than 2-3 months, as it can cause hair damage. Ask us for specific instructions on caring for and maintaining your Micro Braid.

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